The Brazil national team is the team ranked top of the world rankings. The have many great players like Socrates, Luis Miguel and Forza.

Most Recent SquadEdit


1. Forza

12. Orflam Caneira

19. Nemo


2. Piero

3. Stanislas

4. Juan Palop

6. Igor

13. Vid


8. Luis Miguel

10. Alessandro

14. Ramon Perez

15. Ricardo Love

17. Arninho


5. Socrates

7. Alexandrinho

9. Jeff

11. Mike

16. Nuno Morientes

18. Pedro Rodrigo

Recent eraEdit

Brazil won the 2012 World Cup and the 2011 Copa America after the sacking of Rui Reno. Toy came into actionin late 2010 and dropped many of Reno's players despite keeping an identical striker lineup. Instead of looking at Big European Clubs for players he scoped around the world to smaller clubs and Asia. He also took in local players like Ramon Perez, Orflam Caneira, Juan Palop, Igor and Vid.